case study questions 31

Read the following Case, then answer the 3 questions at the end. You must use your own thoughts. No need to quote anything or a works cited page. There is no right or wrong answer, but answer on what you think is the best approach.

Part A: The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization with expertise including systems engineering and information technology chartered to work in the interest of the public. 1 Approximately two-thirds of MITRE’s 7,600 scientists, engineers, and support specialists have master’s or PhD degrees. MITRE employees work on hundreds of different projects across the company, in roles demanding a high level of technical, operational, and domain knowledge. 2 MITRE wants to develop a competency model for its systems engineers to enhance its strategic capability in this key area. 3 Systems engineering integrates all engineering disciplines and specialty groups relevant to a project to ensure that all stakeholders’ requirements are balanced and met during the life cycle of a project. MITRE believes that a more specific and accurate competency model for its systems engineers will enhance its recruitment and staffing activities and improve its employee development programs. Imagine that MITRE asks you for advice in how to build this competency model.

Part B: MITRE wanted to develop a competency model for its systems engineers to enhance its strategic capability in this important area. 48 MITRE felt that creating a specific and accurate competency model for its systems engineers would improve its recruitment and onboarding processes as well as its performance management and promotion systems. To create a competency model that it could apply to an individual or team environment, MITRE systems engineers and technical experts helped to build a competency model reflecting the company’s specific approach to systems engineering. MITRE began by identifying competency information from standards bodies, the MITRE Institute, outside vendors, and relevant government sources. The company’s leadership and management competency model was also consulted to generate additional non-technical competencies for consideration as being important for successful systems engineers. The model went through numerous revisions with input from over 150 experts across MITRE. 49 MITRE’s team ultimately identified 36 competencies that it organized into five sections: enterprise perspectives, systems engineering life cycle, systems engineering planning and management, systems engineering technical specialties, and collaboration and individual characteristics. For example, the collaboration and individual characteristics section includes building trust, persuasiveness and influence, adaptability, and integrity. 50 MITRE recognizes that no organization is static, and regularly updates its competency needs to keep its competency model accurate. It has found the competency model to be so useful that it has made it available to other organizations interested in better understanding and improving their workforce systems engineering competencies.

Question: Read the opening vignette exercise. The opening vignette describes MITRE’s effort to develop a competency model for its systems engineers. As explained in the vignette, systems engineering is a broad discipline requiring a variety of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics. Performing a job analysis or developing a competency model for this type of job requires using different methods than would doing the same for a more static, lower-skilled job such as a cashier or mail sorter. Your assignment for this exercise is to describe how you would conduct a job analysis or create a competency model differently for these two types of jobs. How would the process differ? Would you use different sources of information? Write three-four sentences for each question.


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