cartoons and comics

cartoons and comics
Introduction: The introduction is the single most important paragraph of the undergraduate essay. It is your first opportunity to impress (or disappoint, or confuse) your reader. Don’t begin your essay with some vague generalization (e.g. “Since the dawn of time…” or “Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘comics’ as…”); instead, begin with your exact topic! By the end of the first sentence or two, you should have narrowed your topic down for the reader so that s/he knows what to expect from the rest of the paper: not just comics, or this particular comic, or even some specific issue that you’ve noted in this particular comic but rather your unique perspective, grounded in research, on some specific issue that you’ve noted in this particular comic. Once you have your first few sentences, put your thesis at the bottom of the page. Now all you have to do is figure out how to fill in the space between these sentences. (One strategy is to set your thesis up as a response or corrective to something else.
E.g. “X argues this, but in fact, the evidence supports this other conclusion.” This can lead into your thesis.) Unless you received an “A+” on the previous assignment, you should take this opportunity to revise and improve your preliminary thesis based on the feedback you received and additional research that you’ve performed. Your introduction should be a single paragraph, and certainly less than one page.

Also, in order to make it easier, I will also send you the course notes and required reading book, and the weekly schedule, you can read them according to weekly schedule.

The first book is too large to send but it is easy to download it on website that is why I got the book.The book named Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (New York: HarperPerennial, 1993)
And here is the website:

Also, I will upload the second book(Projections: Comics and the History of Twenty-First-Century Storytelling by Jared Gardner), but it need to be read through a program named Adobe Digital Editions 3.0, you can download it and read the book.

And the CSR is the third book that I have scanned all of them in the doc file.
I will upload them to you as well.

If you have any question, please ask without any hesitation.