career exploration 3

The purpose of this assignment is for you to investigate the field of sport management and the various sport-related careers in the sporting industry.

Conduct research on different sport management careers. Once you have researched various sport career opportunities, narrow down your choices, and choose a single sport industry career you would like to pursue. Compile the information you learned into a PowerPoint presentation. Include the following information in your presentation:

  • nature of the work,
  • tasks associated with the job,
  • required skills,
  • education and other qualifications,
  • academic programs that are available or would help aid you in entering the career field,
  • related occupations,
  • salary,
  • employment outlook, and
  • professional associations or websites related to the career.

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain at least eight slides, but the presentation should contain no more than 10 slides. Your presentation should include a title slide and a reference slide; however, the title slide and reference slide will not be included in the 8- to 10-slide requirement. Feel free to include additional information that may not be listed above if the information is pertinent to your career choice.

Be creative in your presentation by incorporating graphics and color. Make sure to proofread and edit your work prior to submission. Keep in mind that you may have to create presentations for organizations and present yourself as informed and professional while working in the sport industry.


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