Canadian history.

Imagine that a high school teacher has decided to invite you, as an intelligent historian, to give a talk to her students on an issue of importance in Canadian history. Your assignment is to write about 2000 words, aimed at grade 12 students based on Greenpeace. Greenpeace is an international organization, but it was founded in Vancouver. Explain the group’s origins, early campaigns, and its evolution into an international organization. What would you tell the students? Important: this is a twist on a standard essay. It is an essay in the sense that it should: build from careful reading and intelligent analysis; have an argument; use evidence and information, gathered through careful reading, to illustrate key claims and arguments; be written in full sentences and proper paragraphs; use proper referencing (Chicago-style footnotes). It is not a standard essay in that you are not writing it for a professor or TA. It is a public talk, aimed at high school students, so you will need to think about your assignment a bit differently than you would for a straight-up research essay. Aim your talk at a group of Grade 12 students. How does the potential audience affect your tone, your approach, etc.? How much background information do you have to provide? How can you make the topic engaging without losing complexity, nuance, and detail? You should write the talk as though you will read it to the students. By this we mean: write the text you would use in the actual talk. Don’t tell us what you might say –write what you would actually say.

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The post Canadian history. first appeared on nursing writers.



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