can you share your thought after watching a short video

Watch the video below then answer the 4 following questions

1. Share, as you feel comfortable, a time when you became aware of having a perception of color
that you hadn’t realized you held.
2. Have you experienced the reality of a two-sided sign in society? If you have, what did that feel
like? If you haven’t, reflect on why that may be. Share your thoughts as you feel comfortable.
3. Who do you identify most with in the Gardener’s Tale? The red flowers in rich soil? The pink
flowers in rocky soil? The gardener? A combination of all three? Share as you feel
4. Thinking specifically of your congregation, can you identify a time when you saw people
excluded or treated differently because of difference? Difference is not just race, but includes
ability, education, income, orientation, gender, age, and other kinds of classifications used to
categorize. Share as you feel comfortable what steps, if any, you took to move to action.


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