Can the government force Americans to wear masks?

Responses to classmates must consist of at least 350 words (not including the greeting and the references), do NOT repeat the same thing your classmate is saying, try to add something of value like a resource, educational information to give to patients, possible bad outcomes associated with the medicines discussed in the case, try to include a sample case you’ve seen at work and discuss how you feel about how that case was handled. Try to use supportive information such as current Tx guidelines, current research related to the treatment, anything that will enhance learning in the online classroom. We are all aware by now that the use of masks has been shown to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020). Many people feel that the mask requirement is unconstitutional and refuse to abide by it due to the belief that it is against their civil rights. During a pandemic, governments have the right to institute emergency public health mandates such as setting quarantines and the mandatory use of masks. California law supports the mandated mask requirement and have gone as far as activate and utilize criminal penalties upon those who do not (Duvernay & Stracencer, 2020). The CDC has set guidelines for homeless services providers for Homeless Service Providers for the reduction of contamination and transmission during the Covid-19 pandemic. The CDC advises that all residents should wear masks any time they are on their bed except for those who have trouble breathing or unable to remove mask unassisted (CDC, 2020). At our shelter, thankfully those having difficulty breathing are transferred to the Wellness Hotel which is specifically for those with comorbidities. Per the guidelines set by the City of Albuquerque the staff of the shelter can not force residents to wear masks and it is my responsibility to educate them in the benefits not only to themselves but those around them. I have set up a continual education campaign utilizing material that is easy to understand and posted them throughout the pods and common areas. I also make myself visible with my mask in place to reinforce the importance of masks as well as reminding all residents seen without masks to use them as per guidelines set up. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2020). Retrieved from Duvernay, S.M. & Stracencer, B.V. (2020). Can the government force Americans to wear masks? Retrieved from  



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