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Learning Objective and Basis for Assessment:  Successful completion of this assignment the student will be able to effectively communicate about criminological theories.
This is a minimum 2 page written summary of crime statistics in your hometown and your opinions as to why these crimes are occurring, following the Classical School. You are to go to the following website: 
This is the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports website that includes crimes known to the police as reported by local police departments. Click on your home state and then find your hometown (if your hometown is not listed, use the nearest town). Provide a summary of the crimes for your hometown. You are also to provide an explanation for
the types and amount of crime in your hometown based on the Classical School of criminology. In other words, you are to use the Classical School ideas and concepts to explain why crime is occurring and why offenders are committing crimes in your
hometown. Also, articulate whether or not you believe the Classical School provides an accurate explanation for the crime occurring in your hometown. This paper should be a minimum of 2 pages of written text (not to include the cover page and reference page), double spaced, and should include the textbook and the website as your references. The sources should be cited within the text and on the reference page using standard APA format.
My hometown is Atlanta, Georgia I have lived here all my life.

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