Calculate IRR

Anderson International Limited is evaluating a project in Erewhon. The project will create the following cash flows:

Year Cash Flow
0 -1,190,000
1 365,000
2 430,000
3 325,000
4 280,000

All cash flows will occur in Erewhon and are expressed in dollars. In an attempt to improve its economy, the Erewhonian government has declared that all cash flows created by a foreign company are blocked and must be reinvested with the government for one year. The reinvestment rate for these funds is 5 percent.

If Anderson uses a required return of 9 percent on this project, what are the NPV and IRR of the project?

I have calculated the NPV to be -85955.37, but cannot figure out how to get the IRR. I keep getting 9.54% which shows as incorrect.

Please don’t bid if you don’t know how to calculate this problem! Thank you!


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