Business Model Canvas 19945475 – My Perfect Tutors

I already have a Business Model Canvas “BMC”
I need your help to edit and improve my Business Model plz..
First of all: 
Please edit and correct my current BMC by using one of the innovation frameworks (IDEOs ways to grow, Golden Circle, Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation, Blue Sky Strategy). “”(My current BMC is wrong I used the wrong innovation)”” Also, Please correct the Strengths and Weaknesses paper too.
Second of all: (after you are done from the 1st step).
Innovation using the business model pattern. Pick the pattern, or elements from multiple patterns that work the best from these: ((Unbundling, The Long Tail, Middleman, Free, Open Business Model.))  Build out an updated BMC incorporation these elements into each building block of your canvas. 
Make sure that these changes are clearly presented using color and visual storytelling to enhance and clarify the changes from your original model. 
Include a brief narrative paragraph that clarify the details of your business model that might not be clear from your model.
That is everything…
Thank you…



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