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This is how I want you to approach the research aspect of this assignment. Find three or four sources that help you make your case to the reader.
So, you are required to do several things – anwer your critics about the safety of the Rocket Board and the  “ethical” nature of your company; explain what you are going to do about the current lawsuts; and what you plan to do moving forward to keep 306 SPORTS INC profitable.  You need to use research to convince the readers (306 SPORTS INC community) your plans and ideas are sound. The research you add is, of course, up to you, but I want it to be legitimate. Find actual sources that support your ideas. 
First, you have to answer your critics who claim you and your company behaved unethically. They claim you knew this product was dangerous and could harm users. Do you have a responsibility to protect your customers? NO?  Too bad, kid – you should have worn a helmet? Buyer beware? It’s the parents’ fault? Is this really what an ETHICAL PERSON AND COMPANY want to say to the public? Perhaps you want to explain how your company actually is HELPING society by provding skatebaords.
How about this approach: during the COVID pandemic, the CDC recommends people (especially children) find ways to stay physically active while maintaining social distancing (CDC/covid/ SKATEBOARDING IS THE PERECT SPORT – it requires no teammates, no coaches, no arena. Skatebaording is the safest and most effective sport for users to remain healthy and avoid large groups and thereby avoid a possible COVID infection. 306 SPORTS INC is not behaving unethically – we are helping the community stay active and healthy during these tough times. If riders of the Rocket Board wear the required safety gear, the chances of injuries is significantly lessened.
What research can you think of to help you address the issue of responsibility? Are there laws that protect you and other businesses from responsibility? Are there other companies that have faced similar situations? Come up with a response (ideas and a plan) then GO FIND research to help you make your position clear and strong!
What about those lawsuits? What’s the plan? FIGHT? Do you want to see users of your product in court? Do you want them to explain to a jury how they bought your product and were severly injured? Some of the injured are young children. Is it wise to make this issue more public? How will this impact your business?
Is the plan to SETTLE these lawsuits? Do you have the money to do this? Do you admit you are responsible? How will this impact your profit?
You can use research for a possible solution; what have other companies done when facing similar lawsuits? 
Finally, business is about ONE thing – as we have said during this BUSINESS ETHICS discussion = MONEY$$$!!!
Let’s say you want to remind your readers that selling skateboards (especially one of the most popular models) is very profitable and your company will remain very profitable if it continues to focus on the extreme model – the Rocket Board:
We know the demand for”extreme sports equipment” is very high. The website SkateBoard Heroes predicts sales of the top skateboard brands will exceed 10 million units this holiday season. Our own marketing department preditcs our share of these sales will be 2 million unts, which translates to $10 million in profts this year. Those readers who want you to consider limiting sales of the Rocket Board might change their minds when they see the potential profit!
So is your plan to continue doing what you are doing? Do you plan to alter the product? add warning labels? create age restrictions? REALLY? All of these options would damage sales and profit won’t they?  Create a plan and use research to help you.
Now, what about sources?
How do I add the sources to my memo?
I want you to add the name of the website to your memo whenever you use source material. You can add it to the text: According to the website, “In 2016, 115 deaths had been linked to extreme sports participation. But only two of those deaths were associated with skateboarding and both deaths were determined to be user error.”
OR, you can add the website in parenthesis at the end of the information: “In 2016, 115 deaths had been linked to extreme sports participation. But only two of those deaths were associated with skateboarding and both deaths were determined to be user error.” ( The PERIOD goes outside the parenthesis and the name of the website is italicized.
Where do I find sources?
The library! Yeah, right. What decade is it? Yes, the library used to be the place that housed all research material. Now, your pocket has the material you need. Most research (not all) is found on-line. So, you can use your phone or other electronic resources to find research.
What kinds of sources should I use?
Well, what subject are you researching? If you are writing an academic paper about infectious viruses, you would NOT want to use The National Enquirer, right? But, if you are writing an academic paper about the impact the paparazzi has had on our opinions of celebrities, then the Enquirer might be a great place to find source material. 
So, for this assignment, use legitimate, respected, reputable sources. Most newspapers, government sites, national magazines, and journals are fine. Consumer groups’ website are tricky, but most are effective. Use your own judgment and use quality sources. There is no shortage of sources, so you should have no trouble finding credible information.
How Many Sources Should I Use?
This is easy. The “rule of thumb” for most research assignments is: use, on average, one source per page. If you have a 10 page research paper, you should have approximately 10 sources. If you have a 25 page research paper, you should have about 25 sources. This is for future papers you will write.
What are we creating? A 2, 3, 4 page memo. You should have a few sources, 3 or 4 is good. Obviously, 6-10 is way too many. But using 1 or 2 sources is probably too few.
You do not have to create an external works cited page. Because we are using just a few sources, you can add the information to the text of the memo.
Remember, I want YOUR IDEAS, YOUR OPINION, YOUR ANALYSIS. The quality of your writing is still the main focus of this assignment. The majority of your grade is based on the writing you create. 
Research is designed to assist you as you make your points to the reader. So, do NOT begin this memo by doing research about the positives or negatives of skateboarding. Begin by writing down your ideas. Answer each part of the memo’s questions, first. Figure out what you want to say – THEN go find some research that will help you make your position stronger and more effective.



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