Business 19867811 – My Perfect Tutors

Fill in the blank:
1) Name a type of utility that a good or service could have (in the marketing sense of 
the word utility/not the economic sense): _____
2) Which of the following firms is more likely to follow a pattern of “exclusive 
distribution”? Rolex, Nike, 5 Hour Energy Drink _____
3) Which of the following is not a distribution method?  (Virtual-own, bricks and 
mortar-own, direct marketing) ______
4) Which of the following is the name of a chart that shows what projects are being 
      worked on and how much has been completed?  Pigou Chart, Brandt Chart, Gantt 
Chart _______
Part 2
Outline a business plan in “pseudo-powerpoint” format below and on the reverse side of this exam.  Pick one of the following businesses: 
a) White Hot Chile Sauce – a seller of a blend of chipotle, jalapeno, habanero and other chile peppers into a sauce that brings an experience one inch below the need for hospitalization.
b) Joe’s Puppy Farm – a breeder of designer dogs including various hybrid breeds like the labradoodle (labrador/poodle mix) and the great daniff (great dane/bullmastiff mix).



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