Bus320 E Commerce And E Business 19798323

(1) Before you start to work on your final exam, please study chapters 7 to 11 in your textbook E-commerce 2019: Business, Technology, and Society, 15e (Laudon/Traver).
(2) Please answer all five questions —
*You must use minimum one reference for each answer.
Chapter 7 Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing
1) What technologies and techniques are employed in location-based mobile marketing? Why is local mobile marketing so attractive to marketers?
Chapter 8 Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-commerce
2) Define privacy, information privacy, the right to be forgotten, and informed consent.
Chapter 9 Online Retail and Services
3) Why have so many online retailers had difficulty in achieving profits?
Chapter 10 Online Content and Media
4) What advantages do pure digital news sites have over print newspapers? What advantages do print newspapers have compared to online news sites?
Chapter 11 Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals
5) What are the benefits of Internet auctions to sellers, buyers, and market makers in an auction?



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