Once you have selected a decision and an organization impacted by the decision, assume you’re a senior manager in the organization you selected and that you were asked to prepare an analysis of the court decision and brief the executive team of the organization about the impact the case might have on the company. Your briefing should include a summary of the case, as well as an evaluation of how the court’s decision impacts the organization from a business, legal, and ethical perspective. Be sure to list your case citation in the References page at the end of your briefing.

Step 1: Exhibit information literacy skills as applied to business law.
*Identify the court, the parties who are before the court, and the date of the decision.
*Ensure that your briefing provides an accurate context in terms of who brought the lawsuit and the outcome of the case.
*Report research from a recognized authority that adds insight into the meaning, history, or impact of the case with relevant legal research from credible databases or online sources.

Step 2: Summarize the facts and ruling of a legal case and its impact on businesses.
*Provide a brief background and context associated with the case. *Summarize the facts in no more than 1–2 paragraphs.
*Identify the specific disagreement between the parties. Was there a dissenting opinion? If so, explain it.
*Summarize the court’s ruling, including its rationale.
*Analyze the impact of the case on businesses, including both negative and positive impacts.
Step 3: Explain how the court decision impacts legal and ethical compliance in a business environment.
*Identify the ethical and legal implications for a business that were suggested by the court’s decision.
*Discuss whether or not the conduct of a party in the case was ethical or unethical.
*Propose and explain an ethical theory that describes why a party’s conduct was ethical or unethical.

Step 4: Explain how a legal case could impact a specific organization not a party to the case.
*Explain the impact of the court’s decision on your selected organization. In light of the court’s ruling, how might the executive team of the organization make future decisions or policy?
Additional Requirements: Based on your executive audience, your executive briefing should be no more than three pages, in addition to a References page, and should be well organized and written in clear, succinct language.

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