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You have just been hired as the new HR Director of a manufacturing company that produces personal care products such as soaps, hand creams, and shampoos. The company employs 200 non-union employees in all functional areas (sales, purchasing, accounting, quality, safety, and operations). You have discovered that the organization you are now working for has never implemented a performance management system and requires considerable direction on how to handle performance in the organization. You have decided to create a guide for managers and supervisors to begin implementing a performance management system at the company. Your guide should be designed to provide managers and supervisors with direction on how to properly manage performance and will include:
· Why a performance management system is important.
· How to set performance goals with individual employees.
· A recommended performance appraisal format with the measurable components.
· Tips for writing a performance appraisal.
· Best practices for delivering face-to-face performance feedback.
· Write a 5-7 pages
· 6 references
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