ASU Representing Black Women at Work and the Historical Record Discussion


1. What major factors have shaped work and working conditions for Black Women since the era of slavery according to Bank? Offer detail on one aspect that she highlights in the piece you read for class. Then, find an image to highlight a contemporary or mainstream representations of Black Women in their workplaces or as workers. What sort of associations does the image make about Black Women and their work? Take a moment to reflect on what is important in the image and write a 3-5 sentences to explain what you see in the image and highlightits most significant elements. How does this image relate to the history detailed by Banks?

2. What is the point that Davis makes about the role of Black men and women in the fight for freedom from patriarchy? What is the critique she gives of the matriarch concept? What damage does Davis believe this idea enacts in the struggle towards freedom? Finally, how does Davis discussion of femininity connect to Truth’s point about the concept of womanhood in the “Ain’t I a woman” speech?