Assignment 6 Project Closure


You are now at the final step of your project—closure. It is important to consider how you will communicate with stakeholders and conduct your post mortem.

An essential part of project closure is the documentation of lessons learned that can be applied to future projects. Often these lessons learned originate from problems associated with a project, but some come from fortunate circumstances as well. In this assessment you will consider the lessons that you may have learned from the change to your project that you described in Assessment 4. Directions

Complete the following four items: Executive Summary: Write an executive summary for your project. It should inform major stakeholders about how the project was initiated, planned, managed, controlled, and closed. Answer the following at the end of the document: Do you believe a formal executive summary is appropriate for your project? Why or why not? Closure Checklist: Create a project closure checklist that effectively inventories project objectives, components,  and processes than need to be completed before the project is considered fully closed. Post Mortem: Detail plans for how you would conduct a post mortem on the project. Lessons Learned: Describe the lessons learned from the project change you described in Assessment 4. Consider what you could have done differently or kept the same, and how the lessons affect how you would conduct the project initiation and planning process groups for your next project. Submission Instructions

Submit two separate documents: Executive Summary. Closure Checklist, Post Mortem, and Lessons Learned in one Word document.


Be sure to attach BOTH of the documents with your assessment submission. This is important to avoid unnecessary use of one of your re-submission attempts to submit a missing part of your assessment.  Additional Requirements Length: 3–4 double-spaced pages, plus the Postmortem Session document. Font: 12 point Times New Roman. References: Use proper current APA style and formatting when citing and referencing your sources.

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