Assessment topic: Social campaigns are cultural text which

Assessment topic: Social campaigns are cultural text which (re)produce and/or challenge established meanings, values, identities, practices, and social structures (or we could say, ways of knowing, seeing, and being). Identify and analyse the discourse

(or discourses) that are central to your choice of social campaign and discuss the socio-political effects the campaign produces (or is likely to produce).

What you need:
• Select a social issues campaign, a charity or NGO campaign (or topic approved by your tutor).
• Identify and critically examine the central discourse (or discourses) that are ‘at work’ in your examples, and the socio-political effects they produce
• Key terms: discourse, power, identity, subject(ivity), other(ness), habitus, cultural capital, field

• References: At least 4 references. Please note, Thwaites, Davis and Mules is only one reference.
• At least five quotes from three different sources.
• Harvard referencing system.
• Attach copies of campaign materials and/or urls
The Course Webpage has detailed information about preparing and presenting the assignment.