assessing proficiency levels of english language learners

Review the resources listed below – both the videos and the links – to gain an understanding of the ELPAC assessment, and how they impact the decisions made by teachers when considering assessing the proficiency levels of English Language Learners. Write an essay and please describe what kind of decisions are made by teachers or administrators given the results of ELPAC.
The essay must be a minimum of three pages ( not including the Title page/cover page or reference page). The paper must follow APA format. Please refer to the resources provided and or visit OWL Purdue APA link.

When saving your files please follow this naming protocol: Last Name_Assignment_Date: (Smith_Chapter1_Jan8).
All assignments should have a title page which inform the reader of your full name, assignment name, title (if applicable), class, date, and professor’s name. This is due Saturday at midnight.

also watch these videos to help out

Ive attached some papers as an example and to get hopeful tips
since im English learner student you can use my background in the paper, I’ve attached a word doc explaining who am I and my challenges as an English learner student
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