aspiration statement for peace corps service youth development

Aspiration Statement

As an educator, I intend to use my teaching skills in the Peace Corps service. I hope to serve and meet people from different parts of the globe, specifically those in the developing countries, with the help of my experiences as a teacher. I hope to contribute my expertise to assist the youth in pursuing their education. During my service, I also aim to have an understanding of other people’s idea of education and encourage them further to give a high regard for this great institution.

Eventually, during my service, I would be interacting with some of the host country partners of the Peace Corps. Since I only have English and Spanish as tools for communicating, I have the option of teaching the people the languages that I speak or learn their own vernacular.

I am also expecting that I would be dealing mostly with young people from different walks of life and I consider it a great challenge to indulge myself to other cultures other than mine. I think that the best way to adapt to other cultures is to learn their way of living and establish a connection through communication.

I do not only aim to foster learning to the youth, I also aspire to learn from them as well. Teaching would give me, by far, the best experience in interacting with different people. I hope I could also be emotionally and physically trained so that I could be prepared in the projects that I would be in. I hope to acquire more patience and dedication to my work as I go through the pre service training.

I believe that Peace Corps service has all the necessary trainings which would help me as an educator to be a better individual in my chosen profession.  I would be much fulfilled knowing that in my service, I have helped a lot of people, especially the youth, and I have contributed somehow in promoting education among them. Through the Peace Corp service, I know I will be helping more people in and out of the community even if I have already finished my service because this organization makes individuals realize that they can make a big difference through their skills and abilities.