Ashford University Racism and Discrimination in The Past and Modern Society Paper

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The American dream was meant to give people the hope of a better life with equal rights and opportunity. However, the time has taught us that the American dream is no dream at all, but a fallacy of half-truths and manipulation. The American dream requires a high asking price of social conditions and race. An individual can only succeed given the right race, gender, and social class. This is a better representation of the real American dream. The discrimination that society faces are not anomalies, but the foundation of how America was built. I’m planning to Use Passing, The ground of comparison will be America back then and now, it’s interesting because in my opinion it has changed but it hasn’t changed, some issues are solved but others aren’t. << This is my thesis, my ground of comparison is America back and then, discrimination in the past and now, racism in the past and now, build up the work on my draft below, update it.