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In the module for this week, you have learned more about beverages. Now, I would like you to think about your own fluid consumption and share some thoughts with your classmates. You may focus your post either on water, alcohol, or caffeine. Please read the section below which pertains to the beverage you will discuss.
Water:What do you like to drink? Tap water, filtered water, distilled water, bottled water, specialty waters like vitamin water or Gatorade. Do you think you meet your hydration needs? Please include in your post why your justified or not based on current water regulations and science. Below are some resources to help you determine if your choice is justified. Please use information from one of these sources or post your own.
Here is more information on water quality and its standards from the tap.Here is more about bottled water and how it is regulated. Here is an article from Consumer reports which discusses where your bottled water comes from: Types of bottled water. Alcohol:You may share something about your alcohol consumption. Classify your drinking as social, light, moderate, heavy, and/or as a binge drinker and explain your selection. This is a safe place, to be honest. Explain how your alcohol consumption relates to your health. Add a reliable source about alcohol consumption or a research article about the effects of alcohol and discuss why you selected it. The resource you use should support ideas in your post.
Caffeine:Do you love substances with caffeine? We didn’t cover it in the lectures, but it is one of the most popular beverages. You will need to do a little more research on this one. This article can get you started. However, feel free to explore other reliable resources and research to draw your own conclusions. Please share your usage and how it fits into your overall hydration. Add a reliable source about caffeine or a research article about the effects of caffeine and discuss why you selected it. The resource you use should support ideas in your post.
To receive full credit, please include the following:“Title” your post with your primary subject: Water, Alcohol, CaffeineMake sure to refer back to the directions above for the topic you selected and then tell us why you selected this beverage. Post a reliable scientific resource about the beverage you selected. Reliable sources include universities, health departments, and other organizations with a scientific review board. Comment on how this article is related to your drinking habits and/or related to why you drink what you drink. Comment on what another student has written. You may respectfully comment on their beverage choice and/or the link they provided. It is possible you may be re-thinking your drink!
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