antibiotics reserach paper

In many disciplines (not just science) you will need to be able to read professional articles, pull out the main points, summarize them, and share that information with your colleagues. Further, you may seek information for your own purposes and be faced with an array of Internet sources – how do you know which sources have reliable, valuable information? The purpose of this series of assignments is to give you an opportunity to develop these skills while exploring a scientific topic in more depth. You will select three articles on a topic, evaluate the sources, outline the main points, and then write a synthesis of what you have learned about the topic from your three sources.

SSR1: At the start of lecture the topic, a copy of the articles, and the correctly formatted bibliographic citation for each of the three sources is due; the format for each type of source can be found on the website. Sources for this assignment include websites, online journal articles, or hard copy journal articles; at least one of the three must be from an academic journal.Because of subsequent assignments in the Science Source Review, books would not be appropriate.The purpose of this assignment is to insure that each student has chosen a topic that is appropriate and is not identical to another student’s choice. If more than one student turns in the same topic, the first one turned in has precedence and the later ones will have to choose a new topic. Already completed. The links for the articles are attached in the document labeled SSR1
Evaluation: The evaluations for each of the three source articles are due. Use the form attached to assess the authority, coverage, currency, accuracy, objectivity, and other aspects of each of your sources.

Formal Outline: A detailed Formal outline for the synthesis of the three chosen source articles will be handed in at the beginning of lecture; your lab instructor will go over the expectations for this assignment prior to the due date. The main points outline should be in your own words.
Synthesis: The synthesis of your source information on your chosen topic is due at the start of lecture. This represents the written culmination of all your work this semester and gives you an opportunity to pull together the information you have collected; and integrate it in a coherent whole. Avoid the use of direct quotations, unless you are quoting a specific statistic.In your submission you will need to include: a) the bibliographic citations for your articles, b) your outline, c) your synthesis.

APA format 12 pt, double space, completely original work. sources must be cited, all parts must be completed. The synthesis should be 4-6 well develop pages excluding cover page and reference page.

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