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Topic: anthropology of tourism Order Description Evaluate how the roles of gender and status differ across a number of cultures. In what ways could tourism influence changes to these roles in the future? please discuss and include: interlinking social status, societies putting men before women, Egalitarianism- have you accepted it? equal rights between men and women since 1974 on laws of egalitarianism. tourism from richer to poorer societies. name societies that may differ- dubai, female opression in asian cultures with examples. explain the change in societies pattern with adapting paternal names. female rights in different societies. discuss if women should expect to have the same rights as men wherever they travel? include liberation, and globalisation with impact of western cultures to others. values, possessions, age, do they play a part in status of different societies? demonstration effect, consumerism,measurement of status and gender, how are measurements not always equal and brings about problems? willingness to compromise their value as women around the world as they travel. how much do women have to consider opportunities and equalities whilst travelling. how does anthropology impact on tourism. include the notion that westernism is a status in itself- is it at the top? does the world want to adapt to westernism or visa versa?

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