anthropology essay 13

Anthropology 100 Exam II Please explore the following essay. To receive full credit you must clearly answer each component/question associated with the topic. Where appropriate use material from class and specific examples to illustrate your ideas. You must include information from lecture/discussions and textbook to receive full credit. The essay should be 1.5 -2 pages single spaced. As discussed in class, consider this essay to be an opportunity to describe what you have learned. The essay is worth 100 points. During the second half of our course we have focused on cultural anthropology. A key component of this sub-discipline is to critically explore how we shape and our shaped by our cultural environment. Utilizing resources from class, text, discussion as well as personal experience. Please describe and analyze how at least 2 aspects of culture have impacted who you are and how you see the world, listed below. Where possible make connections between your personal experience (daily life), community (social context, factors, that influence you), and society (general narratives, ideas, values). Explore, to what degree do you feel you have power and choice and to what degree do you consider the social context to define parameters of your life? Where appropriate you can use outside academic resources to further your description and analysis of these themes. Kinship, Religion, Political System, Gender, Class

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