answer two questions


Define human resource management and the role it plays in government organizations. Describe and discuss five (5) human resource management functions (activities) and how they are carried out in government organizations. Describe and discuss the typical Human Resource Management Office in the public section and its divisions.
Define the term “workforce.” Discuss four major changes or trends that will occur in the workforce by 2020. Describe the term “managing diversity” and discuss several ways that organizations can do just that. Discuss two ethical issues facing organizations today, especially the District of Columbia and how you would solve them.
EEO laws have had a major impact on personnel management in the United States. Discuss Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the changes brought about by its amendment in 1972. Discuss two other EEO laws not discussed by you in Part III. How have all of these laws affected personnel management.
Define the term recruitment and discuss the two major types Discuss several ways that recruitment is carried out in the public sector. What major changes have take place in recruitment in government over the last two decades.

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