Answer the question in apa paragraph please and include references unit 7

Part 2: In 2–3 short paragraphs, discuss how you might educate a patient about proper management of infectious materials at home, emphasizing the importance of frequent and consistent hand washing. Be sure to discuss the infectious material in your discussion.

Part 3: Working with Culturally Diverse Patients Mr. Jamaal has recently immigrated from the Middle East to live with his son and daughter-in-law. The Jamaal family are now established patients that are seeking treatment at the medical practice you work at as a Medical Assistant. They have been seeking care at your facility for the past six months. You have noticed that they continually arrive late for all of their appointments to date. They arrive late again for Mr. Jamaalâ€s appointment today and seem reluctant to answer many of the screening questions asked. Also, it is observed that Mr. Jamaal allows his son to speak for him more of the visit. Based on some preliminary testing that was conducted at the last visit two weeks ago, Dr. Smith is concerned that Mr. Jamaal may have cancer, but must order additional diagnostic testing to confirm his suspicions. Based on this scenario, what information should the medical staff be aware of to assist in effectively interacting with the patient? Are there specific guidelines related to multicultural background and diversity that staff should follow? If so, what may this be?

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