answer the qes 12

•Does particular information have special value or sensitivity, and therefore require special protection?
•Does the application or software package being used to access the data itself have proprietary functionality or intellectual property that will need to be safeguarded separate from the data it is processing?
•Even if the original data is of low sensitivity, does the resultant information have higher value?
•Has the information owner determined the information’s value?
•Are there any special regulatory or compliance requirements to be addressed?
•What are the assigned classifications or categorizations?
•Will application operation risk exposure of sensitive information?
•Will control of output displays or reports require special measures?
•Will data be processed, stored, or transmitted through public or semipublic networks?
•Are controlled areas required for operation?
•What systems and data sources interconnect with this system?
•What will this system do to the operations and culture of the organization?
•Could the company become dependent upon it, and will the system require special support in terms of the business’s continuity of operations?

i couldn’t upload the book it’s too big but here is a link to access it.…

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