answer the following questions 191

1.What was Renaissance Humanism?Be sure to discuss how Machiavelli’s “Discourses” as a humanist text.In answering, be sure to outline the general history of the Italian Renaissance as we discussed in class.
2.What was the larger context of Columbus’s discovery of the “New World,” and how did that discovery change both hemispheres?Be sure to outline the larger history as discussed in class.
3.What were some of the underlying causes of the Reformation?What did the Protestant reformers stand for, and how was that different from the Catholic Church?How does Martin Luther’s “The Freedom of a Christian” reflect this reform theology?Be sure to examine the general history of the Reformation as discussed in class.
4.were the various Catholic responses to the Reformation?Pay particular attention to what historians often refer to as the Catholic Reformation or the Counter-Reformation.Also, consider why those two expressions are such charged terms.Be sure to examine the general history of the Counter-Reformation and Catholic Reformation as discussed in class.
5.What were the major forces at play in the French Wars of Religion?Be sure to consider religious as well as political and social factors.How did the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre affect the wars, and in the end, how was it that Henry IV became king of a stable France? Be sure to discuss Montaigne’s “Of Cannibals” and what he says about the French Wars of Religion.
6.What ultimately led to the English Reformation?What role did politics play in that reformation?How did the English Reformation threaten to destabilize England and how did England ultimately become stabilized?Be sure to discuss the larger history of Tudor England as we discussed in class.
7.What was distinctive about witchcraft in Early Modern Europe?How did accusations of isolated witchcraft turn into a witch-hunt?What role did gender play in the Great Witch-Hunt?Also, be sure to consider why the Great Witch-Hunt happened when it did.In other words, be sure to contextualize it within its very specific time period.
NOTE: each questions should contains about 200 words and the answer you write should be specific, do not too wild. Thank you!!!

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