answer the following questions 186

(.5%) List the anchor text of the skip link in the Project 5 student example (
(.5%) List your favorite website (which will be used for the following questions) Name, URL, & the URL to the Privacy Policy or User Agreement:
(.5%) What’s the Google PageSpeed score for this website both Desktop+Mobile (
(.5%) List the year that the domain name was registered (
(.5%) List the domain name registrar used to register the domain (
(.5%) What is the Alexa Global Rank for this website (
(.5%) List the hexadecimal color code for the two primary colors used throughout the website (
(.5%) Is the website mobile friendly (Y/N) & do they redirect to a mobile-only website, or are they using responsive CSS to alter the desktop HTML (hint: is the URL on mobile different)?
(1%) Please list at least 2 design features that you like most about the site & 1 feature that you don’t like (min. 100 words):

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