answer the following 316

1. What are some of the drawbacks to greed?
2. How can you combat greed is your own personal / business life?
3. Is there a way to help others deal with greed?
4. Ego, greed, or misguided thinking, which is the toughest to combat in your life? In the workplace?
5. Can you think of other issues that might lead to unethical behavior?
6. Does culture really care about greed, ego, or misguided thinking? Does it care about ethical behavior?
Apa format, 3-4 lines each question, references needed
Prepare a 5-8-page PowerPoint Presentation on your assigned topic. Prepare a synopsis, telling me the significance of your topic, the ethical dilemma presented, and the different positions (minimum of 2)
Topic is Nadya Suleman for ppt
APA format, references needed
seperate documents part 1 and 2. (part -2 is ppt)

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