Ama Individual 2

Scenario  20 Marks 
Mr. Salim a Certified Public Accountant working is Al Kabeer International Company. He is in a process of preparing the budget for the next financial year.
Mr. Salim wanted to improve the planning and control process of the Company. Currently Company is using Incremental budgeting approach but in the current economic environment Mr. Salim is exploring other budgeting systems. The main competitor of Al Kabeer international has introduced Zero based Budgeting.
Mr Salim would like to recommend Zero Based Budgeting technique to the Management but before that he would like to have a better understanding of it.
You are Assistant Management Accountant of Al Kabeer International. Mr. Salim has asked you to prepare a report covering the following: The Stages involved in Zero Based Budgeting.    7 Marks The Advantages and disadvantages od adopting a system of Zero-Based Budgeting    6 Marks Critically discuss the problems Mr. salim might face from current employees from changing the budgeting system from Incremental to Zero based Budgeting.
7 Marks 
Please read the following instructions:
Write the above answer in a report format that should have proper structure introduction, main body and conclusion. 
Contents of the Assignment:
Ø  Title Page
Ø  Contents
Ø  Introduction  + Conclusion 
Ø  Report of the question asked above.  
Ø  References   
Ø  Maximum word limit 1500 words ( +/- 10% margin.              
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