Admission/Application Essay, English

Admission/Application Essay, English
Claim letter and reply
Project description
Write a properly-formatted letter in modified-block style to an appropriate person in the administration at HACC, claiming that you have been treated in a discriminatory manner by an instructor named Smith and requesting specific action on their part. Indicate that you are sending a copy to the president of the college. Make up any details that you see fit. I am more interested in how you present your case to the administration than in the details of the discriminatory behavior.

Next, pretend that you are an official at HACC and write a second letter replying to the first one and denying the student’s request.

You can use a template to format your letters, but do not use any boilerpate text supplied in the template for the body of the letter. Use Microsoft Word or another word processing program to create your letter and attach a file in DOCX, DOC, or RTF format to this assignment.

This assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:

Formatting (25%) – Your letter must be properly formatted using the modified-block style, as described in your textbook.
Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation (25%) – Your letter must use correct English grammar and contain a minimum of spelling and punctuation errors. Proofread carefully!
Organization (25%) – Organize the content of your letter to present your information in a logical and progressive manner.
Persuasiveness (25%) – The object of the assignment is to compose a letter that willl elicit a desired response. An angry or derisive tone might make you feel better, but is not likely to get you what you want.