A Great Opportunity at Welingen Chemical

A Great Opportunity at Welingen Chemical

John Frankl was in a state of shock when he pulled into his driveway after his daily commute. What a difference one day can make! While at lunch with the president of Welingen, he was asked to head up the Taiwan office of Welingen. It was a start-up operation that had been in existence for only two years. The president stated that it was a great opportunity to gain executive-level experience, and when the compensation package was explained to him, he could hardly believe it.

John and his wife, Victoria, had never lived overseas. Except for their honeymoon in Europe and trips to the Caribbean, they had never left the Midwest. He was both excited and scared. He had never been to Asia, but how tough could it be? After all, they would live well and make a lot money. Victoria could work as a consultant there, just as she was doing here, and the kids, Benjamin and April, were still young enough at six and nine to make a move like this with few problems.
He had already decided to take the position. After all, if he didn’t, it would hurt his career. He couldn’t wait to see the reaction on Victoria’s face!

Victoria reacted with shock and concern when John told her of this “big news” over diner. But she became interested when she heard about the compensation package, and she thought it would be an interesting challenge to begin a consulting business in Taiwan. She could even fly back and forth to work with her clients here, she thought. That night after the kids were in bed, they called both their parents to tell them of the great news.

Q1. Are there factors that John and Victoria are not taking into consideration in making this decision to accept this offer? If so, what are they?

Q2. If you were John and Victoria’s best friend, what advice would you give them? Be specific and defend your rationale.

Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.

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