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Please watch the film Boyz in the Hood(1991). While watching the film, pay close attention to the circumstances the characters are living in and the behaviors they are engaging in. Can you explain their behavior (especially criminal behavior) using the concepts and theories you have learned in class so far? Specifically, do you see examples of social disorganization, Code of the Street, differential association or social learning theory, social bond theory, self-control theory, and/or anomie theory? (You do not have to address every one of these theories, these are just examples of what to look for).

Please write an essay explaining the characters’ behavior using theories you have learned in this course. In doing so, you must first explain the theory you are using in order to demonstrate you understand the components of the theory. After you do this, please provide examples from the film that illustrate why you think this theory is explaining that particular behavior. For example, if you chose social disorganization to explain why crime is happening in the neighborhood the characters live in, first describe the components of the theory and then provide evidence from the film that would illustrate social disorganization. Do this for all the theories you choose to use—there are quite a few present in this film.

Your essay must be at least 5 pages—this does not mean 4 pages and then a sentence on the fifth page. Your essay should be double-spaced with a 12-point font. Please include an introduction and a conclusion for your essay. This is a writing intensive course, so you will be graded not only on content, but also on grammar, paragraphing, and essay construction. If you need any assistance, please visit The Writing and Reading Center on campus https://www.uhd.edu/academics/writing-center/Pages/writing-center-index.aspx


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