1 respond thoughtfully 200 words to one of the following prompts

1. Respond thoughtfully (200 words) to one of the following prompts. Be sure to make specific references to the authors’ ideas, use proper in-text citations, and connect one (1) to the chapter’s theme: ethics or information asymmetry.
2. After submitting your response, comment (50-100 words) on a classmate’s post. If possible, choose a response that challenges your way of thinking. Do not simply agree or disagree. Choose a specific idea from the post and comment with rational thinking and supportive examples.

Explain how the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and term life insurance sales faced similar challenges.
Do you think it is important for organizations to develop and publish mission statements that clearly state their goals? What do you consider when deciding if you want to be part of a group?
Explain what is meant by the term “information asymmetries” and give examples (from outside the book) of information asymmetries we encounter in everyday life.
What evidence do the authors offer to support their claim that real estate agents exploit an information asymmetry to their clientâ€s detriment? As more clients become aware of the possibility of such behavior by agents, how might it affect the relationship between the two?

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