1 page memo letter and 1 page questionnaire

You should use a memo (e-mail-like) format and open with a 1-line purpose statement: e.g., The purpose of this memo is to propose a solution to student’s safety concerns on campus. ( morgan state uni )
Use the following headings after this opening:
What is the problem & how grave is it? (Briefly outline the problem & cite stats.–you could even make up one for the purpose of this assignment, as though you conducted a survey for a preliminary report)
What is the proposed solution?
Why is what I am proposing viable? (bullet reasons and refer the reader to Fig. 1–appendix–which we will discuss today)
How will it look? (describe it briefly and refer the reader to Fig. 2–appendix)
Where will it be located? (briefly explain & refer the reader to Fig. 3 = a map or other visual –see –appendix)
When will it be available/up and running?: Timelines and Milestones refer the reader to Table 1–appendix)
Who?: Key Personnel (refer the reader to Table 2–appendix)
How much will it cost (mention total cost and reader to Table 3–appendix)

1-page questionnaire on campus issue. See the sample questionnaire attached for suggested format (i.e., open with variables—factors that will likely impact respondents’ responses—followed by some simple yes-no questions (close-ended), then rating scale and/or open-ended/WH-questions (more time-consuming). Ask questions that either identify an issue

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