1 page essay 25

The California Woolsey fire burned 98,000 acres in our backyard earlier this month. We all heard about the homes burned and the evacuations, but…. What kind of impact has the fire had from the perspective of the natural environment, the chaparral wilderness? Discuss this issue (approx. one page).

Read about food chains, And wildfires
Research chaparral food chains (also known as food webs or trophic levels or food-energy pyramids. Describe the chaparral’s producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers. Or illustrate this with a diagram. What is at the top? Give some ideas of the numbers at each level and the impact of the habitat loss.
Consider climate and climate change in relation to the food-web/food-chain/trophic pyramid of the chaparral. Are fires part of the natural cycle? When are they most likely? Increasing?
Read about succession and if you can, find information on how this area and the wildlife will (or will not) recover.
Research local agencies for relevant information – e.g. national park service, LA County, Ventura County, Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area, etc.

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