1 basic java final project

CIT 239 Final Project Requirements
– Here are the requirements for the Java Final Project !
– Please read all off the instructions below before starting to code
– In google drive I have posted 3 Final Project Templates that you may use. Feel free to develop a template of your own should you desire to do so.
1.) You must design your own unique final project

Please do not just copy the work of the 3 templates that have been provided.
You must use a data source. This could be either a sequential or a random access file.
Please note that should you use a random-access file you will receive significant extra credit.
Youâ€ll see that there are many things for which you will receive extra credit should you choose to do so!

2.) You must create and object and use the four major data types.

These are the int, char, String and double.
You may have more than 4 data fields should you like but make sure that you have shown me you can read and write each of the 4 data types. Use all the fields you need to.

3.) You must use a toString().
4.) In addition to the toString() you must have an additional 3 methods that process data.

These methods should also take in parameters and not be void methods!!!!!! In other words, your methods should return a value.

Lastly look at program (Assignment21.java) found in the Google Drive

Use a (MessageDialogBox) like the one found on lines (170-176)
Use formatting of doubles and currency (money) found in (Assignment1.java), also in google drive.

For Extra credit / Larger Tip $, you may also

Inherit a class.
Implement an Interface.
Use the Java Date Object to display the date.
Use Constructors and not just a default constructor!
Use Java FX
Develop one or more packages on your own. Packages designed by Netbeans, Eclipse etc. do not count as you donâ€t demonstrate that you learned how to do them.

– Please note that all of these things that I require you do and all that are available for Extra Credit may be found in the one or more of the 3 Templates I provided on Google Drive!
Let me know should you have any questions or concerns !
Good Luck

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