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The Book: How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez
Your task: Drawing from the reading of novel the Garcia Girls, write a “prequel/sequel.” As you are aware, the book is divided into three parts moving backwards from 1989 to 1956. You will write a portion either as Part IV: 1990-2000 or Part V: 2000-2017. Select from one of the characters above. Calculate how old they be; imagine what they are doing; what their profession may be; and write from their point of view.
As you write:

State the character and the years (Part IV: 1990-2000 or Part V: 2000-2017) you are writing from.
Make reference to the character as you’ve noted she (or he) has developed in the novel. Demonstrate evidence that you know this character.
Considering what you know now about the challenges (and/or opportunities) faced by Latinos today in the U.S. write about the character in light of how they may be dealing with navigating cultures, generational differences, upward mobility, language, identity, family, community, and/or one’s place in the world. I will look for this.

Write a minimum of 400 words (approximately one page, double spaced, 12 font).
Here are some ideas

An article in a newspaper (eg. Achievers), academic journal (bio-), popular magazine (latest news)
An obituary notice
A very brief chapter – in the “style” of the book from one of the character’s point of view
Memoir/journal Entry
A letter between two sisters: along the line of a holiday letter;
Something regarding one of the children of the Garcia Girls (the next generation)
A blog or longer email

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