· Review the Walden Writing Center’s resource for creating an outline in this week’s Learning Resources.

In Week 4, you submitted your Final Project topic to your Instructor for approval. This week, you will submit an outline of your Final Project paper. As a reminder, your analysis and literature review of the topic should focus on psychological aspects.
To prepare
· Review the Final Project Outline Exemplar in this week’s Learning Resources.
· Review the Walden Writing Center’s resource for creating an outline in this week’s Learning Resources.
· Create an outline of your paper for the topic you selected for your Final Project in Week 4.
Sample outline for assignment, uploaded week final project for topic and title.
1. Introduction and overview
a. Explanation of transgenderism
i. Key definitions
ii. Theories of transgenderism
b. History of transgenderism
i. Medical diagnoses and treatments
ii. Political events and movements
2. Research on trans mental health
a. Challenges
i. Differentiating from lesbian, gay, and bisexual research
ii. Accessing the trans population
iii. Political and funding support
b. Recommended solutions
i. Targeted research on full spectrum of trans population
ii. Outreach to trans community
iii. Advocacy
3. Psychological health and well being
a. Challenges
i. DSM and pathologizing transgenderism
ii. Mental health issues among trans individuals
b. Recommended solutions
i. Affirmative therapy
ii. Advocacy for removal of diagnosis
4. Conclusion
a. Assessment of recommended solutions
b. Final recommendations for social change recommendations
Here is week for paper to write the outline for:
The impact of toys on gender identity development in children
I choose this topic because it is the most familiar one in our lives and that at one point we had gone through the similar experience especially when it came to toys selection.
Toys are the major assets own by the children in our environment. We find that children like toys very much but careful when it comes to selection based on the child’s gender. Boys concentrate more on toys resembling engine powered machines like tracks, bikes, and trains while the girls focus more on care toys like for example dolls, utensils and general cleanliness (Todd, et al., 2018).
Toys impact the children psychology by creating this idea that they both should play with specific kinds of toys and grow up believing and exhibiting the same approach to other kids younger than them (Todd, Barry, & Thommessen, 2017). This trend and belief are so apparent that anyone just by looking at the toys in a given household can determine the child’s gender.
Todd, B. K., Barry, J. A., & Thommessen, S. A. (2017). Preferences for ‘Gender‐typed ‘Toys in Boys and Girls Aged 9 to 32 Months. Infant and Child Development, 26(3).
Todd, B. K., Fischer, R. A., Di Costa, S., Roestorf, A., Harbour, K., Hardiman, P., & Barry, J. A. (2018). Sex differences in children’s toy preferences: A systematic review, meta‐regression, and meta‐analysis. Infant and Child Development, 27(2), e2064.
I gave a sample outline and the week 4 paper in which the topic is about please view it and make sure you understand what I need.

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